Ace Gibson

You never know what adventure lay in wait outside your door. Imagine having a pretty average day interrupted by a hoard of angry robots, a sadistic alien emperor, nasty space pirates, horrible bug-eyed monsters, beautiful alien princesses, and a giant, twenty-tentacled cave squid! And that’s before you even have a chance to think about the rogue government agents, curvaceous teenage prom queens, undercover mad scientists, and a possible plot to overthrow the government!

Some of that happens to one or more of three Earth humans lost in a weird space dimension after a science experiment goes awry (or does it?). Stella Finkbinder — teenage brainiac, investigative reporter for the Peep Ynamoot High School Blade, and not exactly Prom queen material — could think of several things she would rather do. Professor Emilio Xylander — muscle-bound, ex-professional jock, and the last person you would expect to have two doctorates in advanced sciences — left his teen years far behind, but is still fascinated by their predicament. And Harold “Ace” Gibson — mundane, ordinary, average teen more interested in immersing himself in computerized simulations rather than living life — just wants to get home without being late for dinner.

Only one has the strength, the determination, the knowledge, and the training to save them from an endless string of evil villains. Only one possesses the qualities necessary to uncover the truth, preserve justice, defend the American way, and save the human race. What they need is a hero, and in times of danger and peril, heroes tend to arise. In times like these, someone steps forward willing to make a sacrifice to save others — and if these three Earth humans are really lucky, someone will!