Yummy Gummy Super Food

Yummy Gummy Super Food
Jupiter Mining Corporation starship Blue Dwarf

By A. J. Mako

Release 3.

As a second technician aboard the Jupiter Mining Corporation starship Blue Dwarf, your life is a drudgery of never-ending, essential, routine maintenance. During your time aboard the ship you have become an expert in unsticking hatches, unclogging drains, the never ending battle against congealed chicken soup build-up, and let’s not forget painting the ship. If you never see another drop of blue paint it will be too soon.

Lately, however, you’ve been plagued by strange dreams. Dreams in which you are asked to perform major repairs to the ship, buried alive under a pile of 47-9-stroke-B maintenance requests, and caught performing your duties in your pajamas. As troubling as these dreams may be, you’ve never actually woken up to find yourself wandering the passageways in your pajamas without a 47-9-stroke-B.

Until now…

Yummy Gummy Super Food is a short escape room interactive fiction based on a puzzle from Infocom’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game.

Yummy Gummy was created with Inform and has IFID 355C4974-B002-40C7-98E2-F1B0DD89556B.

To play a work of interactive fiction like this one, you need an interpreter program to run the game file. Many are available depending on your operating system and the system used to create the game. The Interactive Fiction Wiki maintains a list of available interpreters. To play this game you need a Glulx interpreter. Or you can play without downloading anything by following the “Play In-Browser” link. You'll need to have Javascript enabled on your web browser.